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Species: Talking Toilet

Loggo first began life as a, well, non-living toilet installed in the satantic bathroom of Mad Monster Mansion a place reachable through Gruntilda's Lair in Spiral Mountain. Day by day, Gruntilda the witch (whom owned the mansion), would go to sit upon liveless Loggo and drop the kids of at the pool.

However, one fateful day, Gruntilda was feeling bored and a little cocky. She donned on her black magic powers and gave our favorite bathroom implement life. Not long after Loggo's rebirth, Gruntilda abandoned the mansion and left dear Loggo to rot in Mad Monster Mansion for all eternity.

Some time later, a smelly honey bear and a very ignorant breegull entered the mansion in search of golden puzzle pieces essential to Gruntilda's defeat. The golden pieces they spoke of sounded very familar to Loggo. He remembered a time in which Gruntilda decided to hide a golden item by flushing it down his internal tubing. To smite Gruntilda, he allowed for the bear and bird to flush themselves down him and retrieve this golden item, knowing that it would help them on their quest. Upon their retrievial of the puzzle piece, the duo left Loggo to remain in solitude once more.

After what seemed to be years of waiting for someone to come around in need of him, Loggo was ripped from his established home in the mansion's bathroom, and placed within the worker's washroom in an industrial homeage - Grunty Industries. This ordeal came as a benefet to Loggo as he was frequented by various workers of the factory. Knowing that life was at it's peak for him, Loggo became accustomed to the place's grimy interiors and needy workers. Though one day, the bear and breegull duo, Banjo and Kazooie stopped by once again in search of Jiggies. Loggo was feeling a little clogged that day. A disgruntled factory employee had shoved hoards of toilet paper down his, err, mouth. He asked for help in return of his services to them years back. They delivered. Kazooie used a Bill Drill technique to loosen and decongest Loggo's bowl of toilet paper. Feeling grateful towards the duo, Loggo spewed them up a reward from the depths of his bowels. They said their thanks and left him alone once again. Loggo hoped for the two to pay him a visit again someday, they never showed.

Loggo is currently still within Grunty Industries, ready for whenever someone needs to defecate in his mouth.