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I don't think the proof is correct: you use the mean value theorem, but that theorem

only applies to differentiable functions. At that point you don't know yet that

F is differentiable.----

Modern proofs do not rely on geometry. This is a faulty approach. RoseParks

Where does geometry come into this?

Besides, proofs are either correct or incorrect. Whilst we should strive for elegance, an inelegant proof is still a proof. User:GWO

It has nothing to do with elegance or lack thereof. Rather the fact that you used the mvt to prove the ftoc is incorrect for the reason RoseParks stated: You do not yet know that F is differentiable. In fact you are assuming that F is differentiable (through the mvt) and then using this illegally to prove the ftoc. makes very little sense to me and a lot of others too I am sure. :-)

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Article starts well, but proof section is a mass of equations with insufficient prose. More information on history needed. Tompw 18:52, 7 October 2006 (UTC)

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